ARMENIAN DUDUK. Argishty and Ebru Show

An interaction between music and performing arts is an outstanding, colorful, and extraordinary happening. In the collaboration with an Ebru artist Olga Kaurova, Argishty will offer a unique, dynamic synthesis of two ancient stages – the element of the Universe and Water.

An hour and a half long show “Voices of Subconsciousness” will represent a maximal freedom of the water and music. Interweaved with an ancient energy, this collaboration is the one leading the duduk performer and the artist. This is the very special element that captures the audience – with their breath being taken away, they are watching the colorful water drops touch the surface of the water, creating amazing and sophisticated forms. 

Argishty – duduk
Olga Kaurova – Ebru art
Artūrs Bočkivskis – guitar
Olga Pahomova – cello
Dmitrijs Fablovs – percussion
Vladimirs Lobanovs - keyboard

05. Apr 19:00, Wednesday

Ticket price
8,00 €10,00 €12,00 €15,00 €18,00 €20,00 €

Event date and time

Duration2 h
LocationLielā zāle
Event organizerDevro, SIA

Children under age 7 not taking a separate seat, do not require a purchase of a separate ticket.