ARTŪRS UŠKĀNS. 50th Anniversary Additional Concert

Artūrs Uškāns is well-known as the leader of the music group "Laimas Muzykanti" and the composer of numerous popular compositions and folk song arrangements. An outstanding anniversary concert will present the well-known songs, as well as the compositions performed by Ieva Akuratere, brothers Puncuļi, Man Choir "Vilki", band "Patrioti.lg" and other popular performers. All compositions and songs will have a live instrumental accompanient by "Laimas Muzykanti".

22. Jan 16:00, Sunday

Ticket price
5,00 €7,00 €10,00 €12,00 €

Event date and time

Duration2 h 30 min
LocationLielā zāle
Event organizerLatgalīšu Etnokulturys centrs, biedrība

Children under age 7 not taking a separate seat, do not require a purchase of a separate ticket.