LITTLE REDHEAD AND THE WOLF. Puppet Theatre Performance for Children

Little Redhead is not an average girl. She knows some martial arts moves, she sings, and is learning foreign languages. She takes care and protects her numerous friends living in the woods. Why is the road to the grandma’s house so frightening? Who is the one everyone afraid of? These questions for both children and adults will be answered during the new puppet theatre performance “Little Redhead and the Wolf”.

Puppets created by Animation Studio "Emergency Brigade" artists.

Director – Armands Ekštets, who is also known as the Director of the TV episodes "Darling Monika" and humor show "Anecdote Show".

This musical performance is intended for children of elementary and preschool age, as well as their parents.

21. Nov 201718:00, Tuesday
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All tickets sold!
Duration50 min
LocationMazā zāle
Event organizerAustrumlatvijas koncertzāle, SIA
Children under age 7 not taking a separate seat, do not require a purchase of a separate ticket.