Fixies are returning to the stage with a new adventure a fun New Year performance!

Since the New Year’s celebration is a family centered event, Simka, Nolik, and their friends will meet the audience together with their parents. As the central surprise of the performance will be the first time stage appearance for Papa and Masja! All this, thanks to all the loyal fans of the Fixes show!  

Audience will be greeted by the beloved Fixies characters sounding and looking just as out of the TV screens. This will be an outstanding performance with enormous decorations and holiday adventures, during which Fixes will need all your kind help to wake up the Santa. 

Language: russian.

Not recommended for children under 2 years.

18. Dec 201718:00, Monday
Ticket price
13.00 €
16.00 €
18.00 €
Duration1 h
LocationLielā zāle
Event organizerVK events agency, SIA
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Children under age 5 not taking a separate seat, do not require a purchase of a separate ticket.